Good Deeds week 20th – 26th October

Here is the next week of updates in my challenge to do one Good Deed a day for a year. I follow in the footsteps of Judith O’Reilly who was the inspiration for this project. I read her book “A Year of Doing Good” and began my own diary of deeds on the day I began her book.

Good deedsOctober 20th – Just felt the need to continue investigation in to the  non- compatibility of and Amazon. (everywhere else) . It seems that although it’s all Amazon you can’t send gift certificates or gift a book or use a voucher code between the sites because they all use different methods of collecting payment not to mention the various exchange rates as well. This policy may eventually change but for now, any;;;;; or purchased gift cards are only going to be able to be redeemed on their respective sites. Posted this information on Chris McMullen’s blog discussion.

October 21st – Easy Good Deed today, it was my morning at school helping out. This afternoon went and checked out a temporary bus stop for a friend and let her know where it was.

October 22nd – Played postman and dropped off some money for a friend from another friend, after my visit on Monday was delayed.

October 23rd – Saved by a last minute litter pick, else I wouldn’t have had a deed to write about today.

October 24th – Took 2 boxes of books to the local charity shop. This afternoon I’m taxi driving my mother-in-law to the doctors.

October 25th – Have been supporting a local author promote her book with a book review and a guest interview on Saturday.

October 26th – Helped out my Mum today, last week we had a lot of thunder storms and one very near rod of lightening frazzled my Mum’s computer and TV, so whilst she awaits the insurance companies and then the shopping to buy new ones she’s a little stranded. She needed to get a bus ticket bought for a trip to Cornwall next week, so she came over and we sorted it out on my computer.

7 thoughts on “Good Deeds week 20th – 26th October

  1. Another great week, and well done for rescuing Wednesday with a litter pick:-) I can’t imagine how it would be to have my computer etc frazzled out by lightening – great that you could help your Mum. Highlights how reliant we are on technology. Wishing you another wonderful week. Love, Harula xxxxx


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