Jenna’s Journey by Julie Ryan

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Jenna’s Journey is set primarily on a Greek island, there are plenty of wonderful scenes which I could easily envisage. There are people and places within the book which turned my thoughts to the film “Shirley Valentine”. Jenna’s own journey finds her wrapped in a mystery to uncover a smuggling ring and Jenna is visited by a ghostly figure on several occasions. She herself has visions of the future which lead to a complex double ending to the book.
I really liked the Greek atmosphere and the writing flowed very well. There were quite a lot of characters within the book and I couldn’t really picture them all. I did get confused on more than one occasion with the visions and in places there were large jumps between parts of the story which I felt needed more of an explanation. I was at a disadvantage because I was reading this as an ARC download on my kindle. I needed to flip back to various places in the story to clarify points. However if you want to read a book with a warm sunny feel as we head into winter this book should bring back a holiday glow.
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