Getting Rooted in New Zealand by Jamie Baywood

Getting Rooted in New ZealandGetting Rooted in New Zealand by Jamie Baywood

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Getting Rooted in New Zealand is Jamie Baywood’s first book about her escape from California to Auckland. It is written in diary format and tracks her experiences with finding, primarily a home and job in a country where the language, customs and prices shocked her. Her work visa restricts her to temping jobs, and her budget to pitiful accommodation. Finally she finds comfort with Grant, yet their future plans are complicated by international restrictions. Making your home in any new country can be a huge experience, it was a shame that Jamie didn’t enjoy New Zealand.

What worked for me were all the different people that Jamie included in her book. There were certainly a wide range of characters.

What didn’t work for me; I found myself skipping the long copies of e-mails within the book and I would personally put the author dedication and notes after the story.

The diary format of this book allows it to be an easy read for anyone interested in someone’s personal experiences in a foreign country.

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