Good Deeds week September1st – 7th

I have now been doing my challenge for 4.5 months. I began back in April when I began reading “A Year of Doing Good” by Judith O’Reilly. This book inspired me to try to do 1 Good Deed a day for a year. I post weekly updates every Sunday and you can catch up with past posts from the link below my blog header.

Good deedsSeptember 1st – Have had such an amazing response to the launch of the Romancing September Across the World Tour. Harlequin author Marin Thomas got us off to a flying start and I’m buzzing with excitement for the rest of the tour. Have spent the day working hard on promoting our posts across the social network sites. During a quiet moment I had a new brainwave for my next tour, I fancy doing a “24 Sleeps ’till Xmas” Tour.

September 2nd – Leapt out of bed an hour an hour early when I misread the time on the clock! Never mind it gave me time to make a batch of cakes to take out with us this afternoon when we visit friends.

September 3rd – School goes back tomorrow, so we went out for a walk on our last free day for a while. Picked up litter.

September 4th – Out and about checking out a bus stop for my child who will need to start catching a bus to college next week. Was able to help out a couple of folks who were lost, sent them off in the right direction. Found some money on the path and added to my jam jar collection.

September 5th – Madly tweeting and promoting all our authors on the September Romancing tour. It’s very interesting comparing stats with Stephanie each day. We are both enjoying the tour and learning lots from the experience. Had news that one of my August featured Guest Authors is going to be offering his book for FREE over this weekend. Will draft up some promotional material for him and get it out there.

September 6th – Posted the “Free” book for “Beer Goggles by Sean Flynn get download your copy here from Have been doing some re-blogging today as well as tweeting. Terry Tyler has a new book out today, Terry will be our guest on Romancing September on Thursday 12th September. Here new book is “What it Takes” check it out on Finally I’ve just baked a batch of cakes for the cricket club to sell tomorrow at a Tournament which they are hosting.

September 7th – Just finished icing and decorating my batch of cakes for the cricket match. Hope the rain stays off and the sun warms up, cold, wet cricket isn’t much fun! Just got back, not too cold and the home-side came in a respectable second place, well done boys.

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  1. Great week…and I love the idea of a ’24 sleeps till Christmas’ tour! You make me want to bake…:-) Wishing you another wonderful week, and may all the good you do return to you 1000 fold. Blessings, H xxxxx


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