Romancing September Author Robynn Gabel (Day 5)

It’s Day 5 of The Romancing September Across The World Tour. Today we get to meet Robynn Gabel for a quick interview and then you can catch up with her again with Stephanie when she posts in a few hours over in Georgia, when we will hear about Robynn’s views on writing romance in today’s society.

Robynn Gabel Author

Let’s find out more about Robynn;

1) Where is your home town?

Since I’ve moved a lot during my life, home town has simply been where I’m currently residing which at this time is Lander, WY. But if you were to ask me what I will always think of as the ‘home town’ of my heart, it would have to be Flagstaff, AZ.

2) How long have you been writing?

Is it too cliché to say all of my life? I wrote my first words in lipstick on my mother’s bathroom wall. Though she was impressed that I could spell cat at the age of three, she wasn’t impressed with the medium I chose. I’ve only been able to chase my dream of pursuing a writing career for the last ten years.

3) Have you always written romance?

Again, it depends. Does that count sappy love poems and love letters for my friends in high school? Or all the thousands of little notes I’ve collected since then to make into romance books? Yes, I would say I have always been interested in the struggles of the human race to find true love.

4) “Windswept Hearts” brings Anna from a city life to a cattle ranch, why does she choose this life?

Anna doesn’t want to choose the country life. It is forced upon her through an inheritance from her grandfather. She works at balancing a promise made to her dying mother to keep the ranch in the family while pursuing a career in the city. To further complicate her decision she finds herself falling in love with a country boy. You will have to read the book to see how she finally accomplishes it.

5) Is Anna a strong character or does a life full of “critters” frighten her?

Anna Sanchez is a very strong willed, confident, career lady. Coming from a long line of pioneer roots she knows how to size up a situation and keep a level head even while dealing with anxiety attacks and mountain lions.

6) Anna is forced to hire help on the ranch, what are Steve Johnson’s first impressions of Anna?

Though for Steve it is strictly a job at first, he can’t help admiring her when he discovers her love for fine cars. That admiration is immediately replaced with curiosity about Anna’s desire to get rid of the ranch. Dismay is the next in line when he discovers, after comically falling into her failing septic system, she may know a lot about mechanics, but nothing about handling country living.

7) You’ve placed the setting of this book in a landscape you know well, how did this help you to write the background descriptions?

I would encourage all beginners to write about what you are most familiar with. I was able to concentrate more on plot and the characters relationships because describing the country I live in was very easy. It was also useful in giving me more time to write than doing research.

8) I’ve been to Wyoming once, make me want to return. Tell us 5 aspects of Wyoming that will make me fall in love with it.

Just like the characters in Windswept Hearts, people in Wyoming are more open and trusting. With towns far and few between, (we are the least populated state in the Union) we learn to not only be independent but know the value of a good neighbour and friendship in time of need.

Wyoming still has the flavour of the old West, where a man’s word is taken seriously and family is still valued highly.

Though seemingly desolate with a lot of high plain deserts, if you look closely there is still a wild beauty to be found. Sunsets are spectacular. There is a deep silence that you can relax in. Wildlife is abundant and the sky overhead seems endless. There is a serenity and peace to be found here.

You will learn to be tough and depend on yourself. There isn’t a store or mall on every corner. No traffic jams. There is a slower pace to life in Wyoming. Not so much consumerism as outdoor activities. There are many comfortable small towns that come with an affordable price tag and you don’t have to lock your front door.

If you love winters and all the joys and problems that brings, you will love the snowfall that seems to make our Christmases white!

9) You’ve written some short stories too, are they romances? Where can we find them?

I’m not much of a short story teller, but the few I’ve experimented with (along with some forlorn poetry) including a nightmarish story about spiders, can be found on, and Scribophile.

10) Tell us about your next book, do you have an expected publication date?

The next book is the story I’ve wanted to write all my life. Twenty years in the making, “Conquered Hearts” is the first book in a Viking saga. I’ve been fascinated by Viking history since a child. During the research of the era I came up with the idea of a romance which has fuelled my writing since. I wrote “Windswept Hearts” to learn the process of self-publishing and to determine if I could be disciplined enough to do it. Now that I’ve had a practice run, it’s time for the real thing.

Unlike my first book, the characters will be strong, wild, heathen and story events will be rougher. The time period they are in was a harsh time in history and falling in love was a little different. You didn’t always choose a life mate based on love, but many times out of necessity.

Windswept Hearts Book Cover

Find a copy of “Windswept Hearts” at or

Thank you Robynn, I shall certainly look forward to visiting Wyoming again, Good Luck with the new book.

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  1. Thank you so much for having me! I enjoyed the questions. They were quite different than more blog posts. Anytime you want to visit, let me know! I have a horse named Elvis who would love to show you the wide open prairies or a mountain trail!


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