Good Deeds week 25th – 31st August

I began my own challenge to do at least 1 Good Deed everyday for a year on the day I started reading “A Year of Doing Good” by Judith O’Reilly (April 16th). My eyes have been opened to opportunities that would have passed me by if I were not conscious of my desire to seek out a Good Deed. I keep a weekly diary of my challenge which I publish each Sunday here on the blog. Here’s what I’ve been up to this week;

Good deedsAugust 25th – Caught up with my blogging friend Harula as she too carries out a weekly diary of Good Deeds. We support each other through the challenge. Some days it’s hard to find a Good Deed and sometimes harder to find the motivation to want to find one.

August 26th – A Game of tennis down the park this morning and I picked up litter on the way out. Good Deed ticked off.

August 27th – My friend’s birthday today so I have just dropped off a card and a gift, hope she has a great day.

August 28th – Took my son to play with a school friend and gave some cakes for them to share later. Easy Good Deed!

August 29th – Another play date and was able to give more cakes, then I provided tea for some more friends here at our house. 2 Good Deeds! On a day which also had a lot of stress in other areas of my life.

August 30th – Made sure we really thanked the over-worked shop assistant who was completely fed up with the queue by the time we reached the front. We then had to query the price she had for our goods and the poor lady had to go and check the price of the goods back at the shelf. After grudgingly making her way back she then had trouble correcting the total of our purchases, we were definitely NOT her favourite customers today! So I made sure she was really thanked by us for her trouble.

August 31st – I can’t believe this is the last day of August and the school summer holidays are coming to an end. Sent an e-mail to a find with information she had previously requested. Helped promote a book for another author. Have been upping my tweeting /retweeting to help others and to increase my social presence in readiness for the Romancing September tour. I would love all the authors who are participating to benefit from a large coverage during the tour. Had a lovely note from an author who had seen an increase in her book sales after one of my guest author interviews. Perfect! That’s what it’s all about.

2 thoughts on “Good Deeds week 25th – 31st August

  1. So another week under the belt, and August too. Sounds like it wasn’t the easiest week, so even more congrats for getting through and succeeded in finding a Good Deed to do every day. I’m genuinely touched by how much you care about the authors you are promoting…shine on Rosie star! H xxx


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