Community Storyboard Prompt

There is a prompt over at the community storyboard to write a piece about an object in the room.

Here is my piece;

There’s an Angel in the room with me everyday. Some days I need my Angel and other days whizz by without a thought.

My Angel reaches out to me and offers advice from within, words of wisdom and comfort. I’m very young in the world of Angels, with much to learn, mistakes to make and my own path to take. My Angel is a picture on the box of a pack of cards. Inside are shinny glossy cards to shuffle and hold, to ponder and read. Given to me by a friend they are to use as I wish to accept or reject as the whim takes me.

I love to feel the cards and pretend they call to me. I close my eyes and choose a card, sometimes more than one and I delight in turning them over and reading their advice. I keep it simple, I yearn to feel the light and just enjoy the moment.

Let’s play the game; I’ll shuffle the cards and you think of me, I’ll draw out a card for us to share today…..

The card we’ve chosen is so very apt;

“Imagination” – it says “Thoughts are the building bricks of life, for everything begins with a thought. Add creativity to thoughts and you have imagination!” (Pocket Angel Cards by Diana Cooper)

Go forth and be creative!

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