Guest Author Charles E Yallowitz

Please join me in welcoming Charles to the blog, come back tomorrow for the launch of his second book, but first, meet Charles and check out his first book in the Legends of Windemere series.

Name: Charles Yallowitz

Comment: 1) Tell me your name:  Charles E. Yallowitz

2) Where do you live?  East Meadow, NY

3)When did you start writing?  I started writing in high school after reading Fred Saberhagen’s Book of Lost Swords series.  I loved the way he drew me into his world.  I was already interested in writing and telling stories, but this is when I realized how much I truly loved writing.  I set out to make it my career and began working on a science-fiction, superhero series called Immortal Wars.  It was very juvenile, but it was a start and it helped me learn a lot before I started my current series Legends of Windemere.

4)What type of books do you like writing the most?  I love writing fantasy books that are character driven.  The freedom to create a world from the bottom up is invigorating to me.  There are standards for the genre, but you can get away with anything as long as you can explain it beyond ‘magic did it’.  The genre definitely has this freedom that Earth-based genres don’t have.

5)Pass on 3 tips about writing or publishing.
1.  Never stop writing, especially after you published a book.
2.  Be active in the community of self-published authors because this will help you make friends and contacts.  This can be done with blogging, reviewing, and using all levels of social media.
3.  Always have fun.  If you don’t enjoy what you’re writing then your audience probably won’t enjoy it either.

6)What was the last book that you read? How would you rate it?

The last book I read to completion was Shadows Over Sheradan by Scott Barker.  I rated it 4 out of 5 because it was a fantastic world with amazing characters, but there was some choppy exposition sections in the beginning.  I would recommend it.


Beginning of a Hero (Legends of Windemere, #1)

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  1. Thank you very much for sharing your insights. As an author hoping to publish my first novel, it’s always very interesting for me to hear these sorts of things and I find it inspiring to know that others are doing the same things I am, encountering the same obstacles, and overcoming them.

    Do you have a recommendation about a good suggestion about where to become involved in an online community of writers? I know there are lots out there, but I’m curious what your opinion would be.


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