Meet “Hunky” Gunkey

Today I shall introduce to another character from my book “Talk of the Playground”, come and meet Mr Gunkey a teacher at Moortulk Primary School;

All of a sudden there is a turning of heads in almost unison as a tall, blond, young and incredibly good looking man appears with the Year 2 class. There is a collective simpering of females around the playground.

A male teacher at Moortulk? It was unheard of; Sophie dreaded to think how the poor man coped in the female dominated staff room. And how on earth did they persuade someone that good looking to come to this school? Sophie made a note to call him “Hunky Gunkey”; Oh! This should make for a very interesting school year! No one seemed in a rush to leave the playground now, they were all too busy ogling the poor man!

Mr Gunkey was such an attraction to the school that he was to get lots of attention from the mothers in the playground. He did manage to start up a school cricket club during his first year at Moortulk and he survived several first time experiences which encouraged him to stay on for a second year at the school which you will soon be able to read about in my second book “Talk of the Village School”.

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