Meet Glenda Glossop

Whilst wading my way through a minefield of editing from which I am loosing the will to live, it occurred to me that I should be doing a lot more towards fulfilling my marketing plans.

So today I shall introduce you to one of my colourful characters from my first book “Talk of the Playground;

Glenda Glossop; short, dumpy, mousey hair, serious faced, cardigan loving, crock wearing, head of the playground gossip stood ready to pounce on anyone brave enough to look her in the eye! A martyr to motherhood, Glenda has 5 children which are at, or have left, Moortulk Primary, so she proclaims herself the rightful encyclopaedia of all things to do with the school. She has seen off three Head teachers and countless staff and helpers, no one dares question her claim that she is on first name terms with all the present teachers and staff and she regularly
offers the Headmistress her “Best advice”.

Glenda pops up through-out the book, she takes pride in the timing of her gossip, but at other times her ability to act kindly shines through. Glenda always gets the best seat at school events and she is like the secret police of the playground.

Come and meet Glenda and the rest of the staff, parents and children at Moortulk Primary School.

Talk of the Playground - purple 1563

4 thoughts on “Meet Glenda Glossop

  1. I think this introduction to individual characters is brilliant. During the #atozchallenge, from time to time, I used quotes from my novel, Greening of a Heart, that supported the letter/theme of that particular post. Hope you will allow imitation as a form of flattery approach and let me ‘borrow’ this idea when I can get to it on my site. I miss the characters in Greening and would love to honor them with a post. You have a great idea worthy of repeating. Thank you.


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