“Y” AtoZ Challenge- You Wish

As the end of this brilliant challenge draws ever nearer todays letter is “Y”.

You Wish by Terry Tyler, who you may remember featured very early on with the letter “D” for Dream On, here is a link to the post in case you missed it http://wp.me/p2Eu3u-hq

Today Terry returns with another of her books. If you want to catch up with an author interview of Terry click over to http://www.cynthiaharrison.com/?p=5590 Cindy’s blog.

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Do we control our own destiny – or might it be determined by fate,
coincidence, luck…or even magic?

Ruth, an amateur psychic with a husband who smokes cannabis for breakfast, is haunted by a tragic event from her teenage years which, she suspects, was the result of a wish she made on an allegedly enchanted stone. Too embarrassed to admit her fears, she keeps her secret to herself for twenty-five years.

Petra is the perennial singleton amongst her friends, unable, she thinks, to fall in love. She comes across the stone at a Psychic Fair and makes a wish, just for fun. As the wish begins to come true she wishes she had chosen her words with more care.

Spoilt, weight-obsessed Sarah wants nothing more than to be “size zero”. As her life spirals downwards into the seedy world of drug abuse and addiction, she remembers the day at the Psychic Fair when she wished for her heart’s desire.

When Ruth learns of the fates of Petra and Sarah she is forced to confront her guilt and discover the truth about the Wishing Stone…

Terry Tyler’s debut novel is a quirky contemporary drama exploring the themes of family affairs, infidelity and guilt, incorporating jealousy, drug abuse and the obsession of a Facebook stalker, against a backdrop of secrets and superstition.

Here are Terry’s behind the scenes notes about her book;
You Wish… is about whether or not our lives are shaped by destiny, fate or our own personal choice – or if sometimes there might be mystical forces at work!  This is illustrated in a very down to earth way, though, in the stories of Petra (the girl who thinks she’ll never fall in love), Sarah (a spoilt ‘princess’ who is obsessed with getting to Size Zero) – and Ruth, a wife, mother and distinctly reluctant fortune-teller, whose own story, taking us back to the 1980s, links them all.

Many of my readers tell me they love reading about Petra’s growing obsession with Jay – and cringe away as they read it.  Haven’t we all, at some point, wanted to say to a friend, “Look, face it, he’s just not that into you, leave him alone, you’re making fool of yourself”?  Self obsessed Sarah was terrific fun to write – so many people have told me that they’ve hated her but loved reading about her!

One readers thoughts on the book were;

Just got a Kindle in my Christmas stocking and took the plunge with this offering by Terry Tyler. What a good choice! It held my interest from beginning to end with a very credible plot. The author expertly jogs the teenage memories of those of us of a certain age with lots of clever references to the fashions and fads of our yesterdays. I found myself thinking about the book between sessions and looking forward to the next read which surely is the sign of a ripping yarn. I’ll certainly be reading the next one.

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13 thoughts on ““Y” AtoZ Challenge- You Wish

  1. I started reading the blurb thinking, “this isn’t really my sort of book”, but as it went on I became more and more intrigued! Great post.
    Hope you’ve enjoyed your A to Z-ing
    Jemima at Jemima’s blog


  2. For the authors sake, I hope this is just me. Why would I want to take the time to read about this depressing downward spiral of these three women faced with drugs and the wrong guy etc. I admire the question, destiny, fate? Someone who smokes pot for breakfast holds no interest, and I gently place the suggested read back on the shelf and move on. I don’t understand writing about characters who live in a world all too real and one I have chosen to avoid. Spending precious time with a book has got to solve the ‘question’ with characters I wouldn’t otherwise avoid.


  3. This actually sounds like an interesting read! Once I’m done with my current book, I think I will be picking this one to read next! And thanks for linking my blog in there!


  4. Thank you so much, everyone, for your interest ~ Jemima, I do know what you mean; I find so often that books aren’t at all as I imagined they would be! Danielle, I do hope you enjoy You Wish if you find the time to read it – and I will most certainly look at your blog via the link! Stepheny – I think it’s just a case of each to his own! I am sure Rosie will be able to make suggestions that are more to your liking; the world would be a dull one if we all liked the same things 🙂

    Thanks again, Rosie, for featuring You Wish and Dream On in this excellent series – perhaps a nice rest after ‘Z’ tomorrow! xx


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