“M” Moonbeams and Roses by Stephanie Hurt

It’s letter “M” on the AtoZ Challenge as we start week 3 and today’s book is Moonbeams and Roses by Stephanie Hurt. A romance set around cowboys, this is the third of Stephanie’s novels to appear on this challenge, catch her others on letters A and G. Stephanie has been a guest author on my blog here is the link to her guest post http://wp.me/p2Eu3u-dv

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Sara secretly had a crush on Wes and had most of her life. Then when Wes rejects her love and moves to Montana, she jumps into her work as an artist and into the arms of another man. It is not until a tragic accident happens that things start to turn around for Sara. Could she finally have true love with the cowboy in her dreams or will her blindness cause her to throw it all away.

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Moonbeam & Roses – I put a lot of heart into this book. The first part of the book came from some elements of my past. The main two characters have a problem realizing love and often work hard to get past it. Sometimes the best in us comes out when we are at our lowest. The love between these two characters is time tested and goes to the moon and back.

A Good Romance & Adventure Read, October 7, 2012


Jeannie Walker “Award-Winning Author Jeannie Walker”

This review is from: Moonbeam & Roses (Kindle Edition)

As I was the owner of a horse ranch where we owned, trained and raced quarter horses – I loved the fact that this story takes place in Montana and revolves around my favorite animals – horses and cowboys on a large ranch.
In this tale, Sara is the main character. She is a beautiful young woman with blonde hair that seemed to shine at night as if moonbeams were dancing through her hair. Her life is turned around and upside down by a tragic accident. Can she find and keep the true love she is longing for?
You will have to read this romance adventure to find out.

http://www.amazon.com/Moonbeam-Roses-Stephanie-Payne- Kindle price just £0.77 or $1.19

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  1. Thanks so much for adding my link to your page. that was really cool! I love meeting new visitors. The book you reviewed sounds like lots of fun. (Love the description of her hair)

    But I have to ask. HOW have you read 48 books this year? I’m like seven behind on the Goodreads challenge thing (mostly cause I got caught in a Stephen King phase and all his books are five times longer than normal haha) but I’m still only up to like a crappy seventeen for the year. Which isn’t THAT bad. I mean it’s still roughly a book a week. But 48???? How did you do that???? I thought I was a fast reader….


    • Ah Ha! Well for a start I rarely watch TV! I read every night for at least 2 hours, my relaxation is reading, I can read travelling if I am a passenger in a car and I’ve always got my nose in a book. Some of my preferred genres probably aren’t as long as Mr King!


  2. Came via Stephanie’s site A-Z has been great for finding more amazing blogs in order to avoid more accumulating in my emails am following via twitter more these days so I shall be popping back


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