No Reins by Angie Skelhorn

No ReinsNo Reins by Angie Skelhorn

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No Reins is a romance for young adults, the story revolves around horses and race tracks. It follows the decisions that a young girl makes about her future and her loves. Angel learns which people she can trust and those whom she cannot. Left alone Angel must keep her job and prove to her family that she is old enough to make her own decisions.

This is what the author told me about her book;
The book No Reins revolves around what happen to me in my teens.  My mother couldn’t keep me chained to the house so instead of us fighting she let me leave home at 14 years old to race horses knowing I could come home or phone when ever I needed.

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  1. From the Author – Rosie Amber was to post my answers to three questions she wanted answered and a review to promote my novella. Instead she decided to critique my story and post part of a private email I sent. Even though she knows I don’t want this on her blog she has chosen to leave it posted. I don’t understand why she would do this? Answers anyone?


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