“I” For It’s Not a Holiday April AtoZ Challenge

Today’s letter is “I” and the book entry is from Andy  and the team at Black Frog Publishing to get you in the holiday mood, their book will be published after the challenge, but here is a sneak preview of its contents.

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It's not a holiday-resized‘It’s NOT a Holiday! The A – Z Guide of Group Travel’ is a fun and informative guide to travelling with other people, whether that be a day tour around London, or a six month overland across Asia.

It is all about people, group dynamics and the daft things people do while on tour…

We wrote this book after many years tour leading on six continents because we think it will help you get the most out of your holiday, learning from the mistakes of those who went before you.

There are twenty stereotypical characters featured in the book, those who will probably be on your tour with you. Natural Leader is one person who can be an absolute rock within the group, or the biggest pain in the backside.

The challenge is to see which character you are and what you can learn from them…’

It is our first book release, and we have two more planned for this year and three for next, all travel related but travel with a twist! We are the group travel experts and have plenty to share with those who aren’t quite aware of what travel is like off the beaten track!

its not a holiday press release

http://bit.ly/BlackFrogBooks (Press Release)

http://bit.ly/BlackFrogBlog (A link to their blog)

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I’m also publishing 2 other posts today, the first is a book bomb in aid of 16-year-old Ben Wolverton who is currently in a coma after a long boarding accident. His family need your prayers and your support. Thanks.

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  1. Thanks so much for including me in your list of blog links for the challenge. I really appreciate that.

    I’ve never been brave enough to try group travel except for half day trips. This book might be an interesting introduction to the idea.


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