“G” Ghost Lover by Stephanie Hurt

We now start the second week of this challenge, I’m having so much fun meeting lots of new people, thanks for all of your support. Today’s letter in my AtoZ Challenge is “G” and I bring you Ghost Lover by Stephanie Hurt. Stephanie opened the challenge on day 1 with the letter A and her book “A love never Lost”. She has also been a guest author on my blog, find out more about Stephanie here http://wp.me/p2Eu3u-dv

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Having a father who thought business came first and his daughter last had affected her. But when Jess turned 21 he gave her a gift that would change her life and add an unexpected love. What was behind such an extravagant and unexpected gift? Would her father’s business partner put a stop to any happiness that she could have or would the man of her dreams take her away from it all. Jess would soon find out her father’s sinister plan. When tragedy strikes will she find her Ghost Lover or will all be lost.
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Ghost Lover – This was the first book that I published. It took six months to write from start to finish and I enjoyed every moment of it. This book goes through several emotional changes. One minute you’re seeing first love and then you’re angry with her over possessive father and his business partner. But as the story unfolds you get involved with the main characters and you start rooting for them. When this book was finished I was emotionally exhausted, but happy with the results.

Aug 27, 2012

Rosie Amber rated it  Rated through Goodreads.com and Amazon.uk

An easy read romance, I thought I had guessed the ending, but there was as unseen twist. This is the second book I have read from Stephanie, looking forward to her next one.


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  1. Thanks again Rosie! You’re such an inspiration to authors with your constant support and advice. I hope everyone enjoys reading this book as much as I enjoyed writing it. Everyone enjoy this Monday!!!


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