“A” The AtoZ Challenge Day 1 of 26

A Very BIG WELCOME to my first day of the AtoZ Challenge, there are over 1200 bloggers taking part in this years challenge. My challenge is to blog about books which have titles all beginning with a different letter of the alphabet. It’s been great fun discovering all of the books which I am using in the challenge. PLEASE drop by each day to read about the next book. During the challenge we are encouraging everyone who visits to LEAVE A COMMENT. So here we go then, the first book that I have chosen is; A Love never lost by Stephanie Hurt. Stephanie writes romance books, take a look at this one below;

Friends since early childhood, Lilly and Zane have always been inseparable. After four years apart, will their relationship change? Upon seeing Lilly again after such a long absence he realizes his heart belongs to her. When a wealthy ranch owner from Texas offers Lilly the job of a lifetime, will she leave knowing the effect it will have on Zane and their relationship? Will her new boss expect more than just an employer/employee relationship? Just how far will he go to win her over? Will Zane be able to pull her from the ties of the ranch or will it be A Love Never Lost?
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A Love Never Lost – This book came to me one day as I was just sitting watching television. I got up and started writing. It only took me about two months to totally finish this book. What’s funny is the book changed constantly as the characters developed. My favorite character is Zane because he loved with all his heart and he never gave up on the love of his life. This book was entered in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest and has made it to the second leg of the contest.

Stephanie has been a great supporter of my blog since the start and her books were among the first that I reviewed. She has also joined me as a guest author and you can read all about her here http://wp.me/p2Eu3u-dv. I featured one of her books in my Rosie’s Good reads slot in the January issue of Fleet Life Magazine.


To celebrate the first day of the challenge I’d like to send out a special thanks to the founder Arlee Bird, click over to his site and lets show our support  http://tossingitout.blogspot.com/

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15 thoughts on ““A” The AtoZ Challenge Day 1 of 26

  1. Hiya neighbor! (Not literally, hehe. We’re neighbors on the linky link.)

    What a nice theme you’ve chosen! I’m a bookworm myself, so I would love to see what books you’d recommend for your readers. Looking forward to your next B-Z posts! 😀


  2. Enjoyed the post Rosie. From personal experience I’ve read this book and thought it was great. I’ve been following this author’s writing and this is my favorite so far. I’ve read one other of her books, but have got two more on my Kindle to read. I love her cover art, which is what originally drew me to this book. Glad to see this one on your challenge. Enjoy your challenge 🙂


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