Guest Author Monica La Porta

Please join me in welcoming my third guest author to the blog this week;
Hi, Rosie,
1) What’s your name? My name is Monica La Porta.
2) Where do you live? I’m an Italian who moved to the States thirteen years ago and I currently live in Redmond, a misty and drizzly city north of Seattle.
3) When did you start writing? Although I’ve been scribbling all my adult life, I started seriously writing four years ago. I like to read what-if dystopian stories and for the most part I tend to write in the same genre.
4) Give us 3 tips about writing or publishing:  My three tips about writing would be: 1) Write every day. 2) Have  one or two trusted beta readers. 3) Hire an editor and a proof-reader.
5) What was the last book that you read and how would you rate it?
The last book I read was Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion and I rated it four stars on the Goodreads scale.
6) Now tell us about one of your books:
I recently wrote and illustrated a children’s book, The Prince’s Day Out
Thanks for being my guest Monica
Dear readers,
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