Guest Author Helle Gade

My second guest author this week is Helle Gade from Denmark, please join me in welcoming Helle to the blog.

1) Tell me your name

Helle Gade

2) Where do you live?


3)When did you begin writing?

I slowly started writing in 2011 and I started writing poetry in October 2012.

4)What type of books do you like writing the most?

I love writing poetry and paranormal romance/ urban fantasy

5)Pass on 3 tips about writing or publishing.

Always use an editor. There is nothing worse than reading a book full of spelling errors and bad grammar.

Talk to other indi authors on Twitter and Facebook, and learn form their experiences with writing and publishing.

Write every day. It doesn’t matter if it’s 10 minutes or 10 hours. It keeps the story fresh in mind.

6)What was the last book that you read? How would you rate it?

The last book I read was Gnomes of Coyûl by Ben Ditmars. It’s a fantasy book about gnomes and I give it 5 stars.

7)Now choose just one of your books and add a link to it.

Silent Dreams – A mixed poetry collection

Thanks for offering to do this 🙂

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