New Book Launch TODAY!

Today I’m supporting  my good friend Stephanie because she is launching her latest book, check it out below.

To Be Released Monday, February 25th!

“Rekindled Flames” the 2nd in the Flames of Love Series By Stephanie Payne Hurt

He haunts her dreams; She torments his nights!

When Lydia returns home for her father’s funeral she’s forced to face hard reality. She left town two years earlier with a secret and a broken heart. As she sits at the graveside she sees the man that’s haunted her dreams for those two years. She realizes it’s time to tell him the secret she’s carried around for two years, but will he forgive her or turn away? The fire they started that fated New Year’s Eve two years ago has smoldered, building in intensity and heat. Can they rebuild the fire or will the secret put it out forever? Take the journey with these two and find out if love wins or will it burn out?

Books will be available in EBook edition on Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Sony, Apple, Kobo, Google Play and Diesel. Paperbacks also available through these sites as well as CreateSpace.

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