Let it Snow!

We have a serious snow forecast for Britain and it will send the country into chaos! Road closures, railway lines and airports reduced to no service and the country slowly grinds to a halt. Well that’s what happened the last time that we had serious snow.

Snow is dealt with so differently abroad. 10 years ago we visited friends in Nederland, Colorado. We arrived at night after a long flight and a long drive from Denver (Made longer when we drove in the opposite direction to start with!) We had a couple of pleasant days of warm sun. Then overnight 5.5 feet of snow fell. It cut off the power lines and the community from the main route down the mountains. The huge snow ploughs just did their job and the main roads were clear in the village in 24 hours. The electric was longer, freezers in the local supermarket were de-frosting fast, so word went out that they were going to throw a free BBQ for anyone who could get there. We put on skis, snow shoes and bundled the kids in a sledge and joined the locals. Of course they all knew who were by then, we’d been spotted driving off on the wrong side of the road one morning, before we got ourselves sorted! But we were made very welcome. The next day when the snow ploughs had reached our friends house we were able to dig the 4 wheel drive hire car out of the driveway and use it to get supplies to some other folks who were stuck much further away. It was quite an adventure!

So with the snow on its way, I’m going to get in a good supply of food, get out my lists of books to read, and spare a few wonderful thoughts back to the people on Nederland. Thank-you!

One thought on “Let it Snow!

  1. Have fun with the snow. Here in Georgia we’re expecting snow flurries. Here in Georgia we don’t get a lot of snow so when they even hint at flurries the stores sell out of milk and bread quickly. I’m just sitting back waiting to see what we get. It would be nice if we got a good snow. I’d sit down with my laptop and finish a manuscript. Well until the electricity went out. Be careful in the snow and enjoy. 🙂


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