5* Amazon Review

Amazon’s recent shake up of customer reviews have meant that many of us have lost important reviews which affect potential sales. So before any more disappear I’ve made a copy of this great review about my book “Talk of the Playground”
Rosie Ambers first novel is a dry, humorous look into the world of the english school yard – the workings of a school, the children’s antics and also the parents which are considerably funnier – a real life glimpse of the minefield that parents need to cross whilst steering their offspring through their school years punctuated by the english festivals, fetes and fundraisers that make up a school year. Sometimes true life is stranger than fiction! A must read for any mums who navigate the daily trials of junior school life.

3 thoughts on “5* Amazon Review

  1. Congrats on that wonderful review. Amazon has been crazy lately. Not sure what’s going on with them. Hopefully your great review will stay where it should. Good luck with sales.


    • I lost some lovely reviews, but I’m just glad I captured this one. I cheekily named you for the 7-line challenge from Fridays blog, thought you might like to use your latest book! Have a great day! Rosie


      • I’m going to do it today. Excited about this new book, especially since it’s the 2nd part to “Tender Flames”. Maybe Amazon will redo their retractions of reviews. Have a wonderful Day! Steph


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