Time to count your Blessings

The sun is shining where I live and the snow which was forecast overnight has not appeared in my garden. So I thought it was about time to count my blessings and encourage a few of my readers to think about their own lives.

Do you have a house you can call home? Then be thankful.

Do you have food to eat? Be thankful.

Have you got a family or friends? Bless them.

Are you  in good health? Thank your body for keeping you alive.

Do you have money to buy things? Give thanks for that money.

And finally, what has been your best thing about today? Remember it, and give one last vote of thanks.

Thanks for reading this, supporting my blog and if you’ve bought and read my book, then you deserve the biggest thanks of all!



2 thoughts on “Time to count your Blessings

  1. Great post. I taught in children’s church today about blessings. Unfortunately a lot of people do not realize what their blessings are until their gone. I am blessed to have you as a friend. Thanks for the review in the magazine. I will pay it forward.


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