Seven-Line Challenge

Today I’m taking up the challenge sent to me by the lovely Jenny Worstall.

This is your mission; Go to line 7 on page 7 or page 77 of your manuscript and do a post with the next 7 lines. Tag 7 more people to keep the challenge going!

This comes from my totally unedited sequel to Talk of the Playground;

Traffic coming from the other direction wasn’t making much better progress either, as a little old lady was driving about 5 mph on one of those motorised scooters. There were several red-faced, angry drivers behind her, but she ignored the chaos, flung out her arm signalling a right turn and pulled across the road in front of Sophie, causing her to make an emergency stop. The little old lady roared up the path to the new village shop and parked outside the door, oblivious to everything which was going on around her!

Good Luck with this challenge;

Stephanie Hurt

Annette Dunlea


Janet Louise

Helen Hart at Silver Wood Books

Derick Hudson

Jack Thompson

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