Just had a lovely walk in the crisp, bright sunshine. Got back to find the latest issue of Fleet Life on the doormat. This is the magazine which I was asked to write book reviews for back in September. Sadly they haven’t put them in again. Each issue comes out and I get excited, I have written about books from some of my new friends on WordPress and Twitter as well as other books. It’s a free magazine which relies heavily on sponsorship and my articles keep getting left out, such a shame. My apologies to the friends whom I told I’d written about them.

2 thoughts on “Disappointment

  1. Sorry to hear this. Hopefully it will be in the next issue, fingers crosses 🙂 By the way on Goodreads I put “Talk of the Playground” on the list for books that need to be seen. Hope you don’t mind. Thought it would be a thanks for all the retweets, reviews, and being a great friend. 🙂


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