A Week in Winter by Maeve Binchy

Oh My! I have a copy. I have a copy right here and now in my possession! I was in town starting my Christmas shopping and catching up on my birthday lists as well. I needed some inspiration for a friend who has a birthday in 4 days time. Whilst browsing books in a discount store, it came to me. That FLASH! of inspiration, that whisper in my ear. “Go find the New Maeve Binchy” it said.

I dashed out of the shop almost knocking customers out-of-the-way and shot across to WHSmith. Dodged more shoppers, took the stairs two at a time and there it was on display, and half price too! I hugged my copy close to my chest as I stood in line to pay. Should I buy more than 1?? No, I’ll read it after my friend!

Oh But the anguish! How long will it be before my friend will read it. Could I sneak read it first and then wrap it up? I’ve got a book to finish first, I’m sure I could read them both in 4 days. But it’s a moral dilemma. If I’m careful and don’t bend the spine, would she notice? Am I that sneaky? Am I that desperate? It’s here in front of me as I write, calling me, willing me to open it up…. Will I? Won’t I?

What would you do?

X Rosie