Millions of people want to write books. I was one of those people, as a child I’d wanted to write books, then it all got lost along the way in education, growing up, families and life. Then I reached a turning point and the chance to write that book returned. For a few short weeks I lived and breathed that book. It flowed from my fingers, the chores and housework were left undone, the characters unfolded and I lived in their world.

When I could edit no more, I got a friend to criticise and edit once more. We checked out copyright, wrote a blurb, had fun creating the cover and agreed the Title. I’m sure it’s not perfect, but it was good enough for me.

My dream was to publish my book and I envisaged that time. We did some research and agreed to try out Amazon’s free self-publishing service. I had no funds to print a book, so to go for a Kindle version was our route. It’s not too hard to achieve but it’s good to have a friend with techno knowhow!

So then in less than 48 hours it was up on-screen and available to buy. My book, my baby, my dream. It’s a great achievement. But then you want more, you want people to buy it. It’s a huge world out there with billions of books for sale. It won’t happen overnight and it needs time and dedication. Get a Facebook page, a blog, a twitter account. Join the Goodreads website. Get social, get noticed. Don’t keep plugging your own book everyday, that gets boring. Start looking for other authors, make comments and post recommendations, create links to yourself.

It also depends where you are on the planet. I’ve published on Amazon UK, but my book can be bought across the fast spreading Amazon network. However all the reviews on Amazon UK don’t show up on Amazon.Com. So it’s hard to get potential sales without reviews. Plus on Amazon, tags about your books content are vital, aswell as likes and people saying a review was helpful.

I’ve been able to write some book reviews for a local magazine which will also mention my book. This will hopefully get local people interested. I’ve made a small sample of cards that I can give out with my book and blog/twitter details. All homemade, but that’s down to my zero budget, and I do drive round with a poster in my car, much to the embarrassment of my kids, but I feel if the car is parked in a car park, it may get views. It’s all about lateral thinking to make a sale. Now I’ve got the bug to write some more, but I’ve also got the bug to sell some more. I give myself a target, like, get 2 more people to follow my blog next week. Or push for one more book sale. I’m realistic in that I need a paying day job too! Fame and prosperity happen to a lucky few. Me I’m going to keep enjoying what I do, I’ve created a job I love doing, so that in itself is worth millions of pounds.