Hogwarts Houses

There’s a quiz going around the internet , where the program will decide which Hogwarts house you should be in depending upon your answers. We all entered with enthusiasm and laughed at the results!

It lead to the decision to have a Harry Potter day during the next school holidays. We’re going to watch the entire film series from start to finish (again!). Meanwhile we thought we’d have fun with our own Hogwarts questions. Feel free to join in.

1) Professor Snape has just deducted 10 points from your house because of your bad attempt at todays potion making, but you weren’t the worse! Do you;  a) Argue back and risk loosing more? (G) b) Keep quiet it’s only 10 points.(S)c) Vow to revise the lesson so it works next time,(H) or d) Try to regain the points in the next lesson with a different teacher?(R)

2) You’ve found an old diary, do you; a) keep it, it’s the best thing that’s happened to you,(G) b) Hand it in, it could be full of Dark magic,(R) c) Get rid of it, put it in Neville’s bag (H). d)Keep it and hope it reveals the answers to next weeks exams.(S)

3) You can’t get on to platform 9 3/4, do you; a) Take the flying car? (G) b) keep trying you may get through (H), c) Buy a ticket for an ordinary train and hope it gets you near Hogwarts (R), d) Go back home, school stinks anyway! (S)

4) You’ve found Draco Malfoy’s wand, do you; a) Keep it (S), b) Hand it in? (H) c) Snap it in half. Malfoy is all bad (R) d) Challenge him to a duel for ownership of it? (G)

5) It’s charity week at Hogwarts, do you a) help Hermoine knit hats for the house elves? (H) b) Try raising money by selling some of Fred and Georges jokes to muggles (G), c) set up a sponsored Quidditch goal shoot (R), d) reluctantly hand over some of the bribery money you’ve been taking from the first years?(S)

When I did the internet quiz, they made me a Ravenclaw, aww! I wanted to be in Gryfffindor.

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