Criticism – Have we learnt a lesson?

Criticism of you: How does it make you feel when someone criticises something about you or something that you have done? Chances are that you may feel hurt, threatened or angry. How do you react? Is it a reflex action, a hit back? or self-preservation?

Everyday we face situations and people who may criticise our choices and actions and it can be hard to face up and say “I have 2 choices, I can be angry or I can learn from this.” The harder option is the learning one, where you can turn the criticism into constructive tools to help you improve. It’s very easy to fall into the trap similar to some bullies where those that were bullied turn into the bullies. It’s so easy to dish back out criticism to others for a short-term feel good factor. But before you do JUST STOP and think about how YOU feel when someone criticises you! Could you Change your Words? Do you need to say the words in the first place?

Criticism by you: Try it today, before you open your mouth, or type your words, how would you feel if you received these words? Could you turn them into a positive comment of help?

One thought on “Criticism – Have we learnt a lesson?

  1. Great post! It is hard when someone criticizes something you worked so hard to accomplish. (Well that is the human reaction). But on the other hand, that is the best way to find out what you need to do to make it better. I have received many glowing reviews, but I have also received some very good constructive criticism. It has been helpful with my current in process works. I am not saying it does not bite a little,but I have come to the realization that we need some criticism, but make it constructive, not destructive. I have received a couple of reviews that were clearly from someone who did not read the book. The comments did not match the content of the book. Almost instantly another person chimed in agreeing with the review and I sat shaking my head. Oh, well so is the day in the life of a writer. Thanks for the reviews you have given to my books. I appreciate the following and your blog posts. Enjoy your day!


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