Questions Answered

Here are my 11 Leibster Award Questions.

Q1 If you were granted 3 wishes, what would they be? a) To be able to read books all day. b) Not to need a paid job! c) A larger house with room for a library!

Q2 If you have the power to make one person immortal, would you do it and who would it be? No, I wouldn’t do it, life on earth can be a prison sentence.

Q3 What is you favourite time of day and why? Mornings! I’m a morning person.

Q4 If you could take something that is currently legal and make it illegal what would it be? Reality TV.

Q5 What is the most frequently played song in your music collection? I’m not a serious music fan, so Mama Mia soundtrack.

Q6 What was the main reason for starting your blog? I’m not going to lie, it was to spread the word about my book.

Q7 If you could go anywhere in the world on an all expenses paid trip, where would it be? I’d go back to Australia and explore the whole place.

Q8 Name a book that you’ve read at least 3 times. That would be the whole Harry Potter series. Just love them all!

Q9 Have you kept something from your childhood? What is it and why? The tales of Brer Rabbit. I remember school summer afternoons listening to these tales being read.

Q10 What is your favourite subject to blog about? Books, I love reviewing books that I’ve read.

Q11 If you could describe your life right now in two words, these words would be “Health and Happiness”

I need to work on my own set of questions and to find bloggers whom to pass them on to. So watch this space!