Mystery Book Tour Day 26 #MysteryNovember Isia’s Secret by Ray Stone

November Mystery Tour

Todays’ guest on our Mystery November Book Tour is Ray Stone and his book Isia’s Secret.


1)            Where is your home town?

I was born in Southend-on-Sea, Essex; a seaside town on the estuary of the Thames. A popular holiday resort, it was once the annual holiday destination for EastEnders from London. The town also boasts the longest pleasure pier in the world – just about a mile and a quarter with its own passenger trains running back and forth. I still visit every few years just to smell the Thames and remember my boyhood.

2)            How long have you been writing?

I started writing when I was eleven. From the age of seven I read to my father each night as he ate dinner. I would read short items from the newspaper. One night he asked me to go and fetch any book I liked from his room. I started reading a book and by the time I was two chapters in I became inspired to start telling stories and writing. The book was Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations. I later won a writing competition at school and in my teens started writing poetry. I later went on to win an internet national poetry competition, had a full page article published in my local press with a by line and collaborated with a composer to produce and record five Blues numbers. I have been writing for 57 years.

3)            What is your favourite sub-genre of mystery?

Thrillers top my list, particularly political mystery thrillers and some modern gritty British crime thrillers. My favourite authors are John le Carre, Vince Flynn and Daniel de Silva. There are many more.

4)            Where is Isia’s Secret set?

The story originates on Cyprus during the 70’s when Greek s and Turks were involved in bloody battles over a period of twenty years, fighting for sovereignty over the island. The plot switches to modern day after the intro prologue. It follows a political correspondent assigned to write a story about a Greek billionaire who has a lot of dark secrets and skeletons in his family’s past. He will murder to keep them hidden. One of them relates to a young girl named Isia and an illegitimate son. This leads Enda to uncover political manoeuvrings by the billionaire within Brussels EU and a dangerous plot to start a civil war on Cyprus. The plot thickens as our reluctant hero races to expose the plot, following leads from London to Cyprus and on to Istanbul, Nice and across the Mediterranean in a cruise ship. The story ends in a spectacular attack on the ship and a couple of unexpected and surprising twists.

5)            Can you introduce us to Enda Osin?

Enda is a political columnist for a large London newspaper. He is a flawed man with an extraordinary sense of integrity who expects everyone else to live by traditional ethics. His Irish personality and workingman’s attitude make for outstanding news articles that constantly offend the corrupted hearts and minds of the men at the top of the British government. Enda is a bachelor with one dark secret from his childhood and a guilty conscience he lives with. Love is something he has a lot to learn about, especially after meeting his new assistant, Jessica Du Rosse. Half his age, a beautiful West Indian raised by parents within the diplomatic corps, she is soon putting him in his place as he falls in love with her. As the story reaches a climax, Enda faces his demons and overcomes his greatest fear.

6)            Who is Paul Hrisacopolis?

Paul Hrisacopolis, powerful and popular with the Greek public, is a man who is used to getting his own way. He has attracted notoriety for his fight for Cypriot sovereignty, funding the EOKA terrorist organisation during the sixties and seventies during which time he lost his son in the fight. He is paranoid about anything that could stand in the way of his bid for a powerful position in Brussels and the subsequent successful conclusion to his secret political dream. Under threat he is not averse to silencing those who would expose his dark secrets and a family history that would ruin him and bring disgrace to his family name. So wrapped up in his own ambition, he is blind to death threats coming at him, one seeking profit, another seeking political victory, and another seeking revenge.


7)            What is Paul’s dream for Cyprus?

Paul seeks sovereignty for Cyprus by causing civil unrest through his powerful position on the Agricultural and Fisheries committee, awarding trade agreements to Greek companies only. With escalating unrest within the Turkish community it would not take long before violence erupted. His plan is to influence an EU decision to use UN troops to stop the violence. With help from an unscrupulous Turk in his pay the violence would escalate into civil war and the UN would have no option but to evict the Turks. Greece, unlike the Turks, already EU members, would be in a position to request sovereignty.

8)            What are the artifacts that Enda travels with are they stolen or lost items being returned home?

The Elgin marbles were originally obtained by Lord Elgin with permission while Greece was part of the Ottoman empire. Disputed to this day, the Greeks claim the marbles were never given and they should be returned. When they arrived in Britain, Lord Elgin had the marbles stored and later sold them to the British Museum. The marbles were part of a massive shipment sent back to England and after Elgin’s team of workers had finished they had ruined many parts of the Parthenon. Priceless artefacts lay on the ground for years. The British Museum and the government continue to claim they received the marbles legally.

9)            Tell us what you are working on at the moment.

I am currently working on the third in the trilogy of Enda Osin Mystery books. Glassfrogs & Chameleons takes place in Venezuela and sees Enda Osin involved in oil and secret military deals with the Russians. I like to use some current political situation as part of my plot and mixed with fiction to create believability. I like reality – not James Bond.

10)          Where can readers find out more about you?

Ray Stone

I have a blog site at





Linked In

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Ray’s first book a thriller titled Trojan Towers is currently FREE on Smashwords

Ray also has 10 AUDIO copies of Isia’s Secret, 5 copies for US readers, 5 copies for UK readers. E-mail Ray to request a copy (once they’re gone, they’re gone)




Touched To The Heart by Elsa Winckler

Touched To The HeartTouched To The Heart by Elsa Winckler

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Touched To The Heart is a quick easy read, hot romance. It ticks all the boxes of a good chick lit/ Rom com and if I’m not mistaken has plenty more stories to follow it.

The book is set in South Africa, we meet Caitlin Sutherland a physio who doesn’t trust men, especially those who shave their legs and who are cyclists. But when she’s bowled over by her emotions to a man she’s only just met, she’s left dazed and confused.

Don Cavallo is one of four handsome brothers who love cycling as a serious hobby and escape from the high profile lives they lead as hotel tycoons. He meets Caitlin during the Wines to Whales cycle race where she is working as a physio for the cyclists. A man who has yet to find a woman who can hold his attention, Don’s attention is grabbed from just one touch of Caitlin’s magical hands.

Plenty of hot sexual tension will Caitlin must learn to trust a man? And will Don ever want more than just a fling?

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Mystery Book Tour Day 25 #MysteryNovember No Strings Attached by Lily Bishop

November Mystery Tour

Welcome to Day 25 of the November Mystery Book Tour, today our guest is Lily Bishop with her romantic mystery No Strings Attached.


Where is your home town?

I grew up in Maysville, Georgia, a small town of about a thousand people. Maysville is located an hour Northeast of Atlanta, Georgia.

How long have you been writing?

I have been writing since I can remember stringing sentences together. I received my first typewriter in middle school and my first word processor in my sophomore year of college, way back in 1987. I haven’t looked back. I published No Strings Attached in 2013, and I think I started that one in 2009.

What is your favourite sub-genre of mystery?

I love romantic suspense.

Where is No Strings Attached set?

No Strings begins in Las Vegas, Nevada, and the characters spend time in Miami, Atlanta, and a private island in the Bahamas.

Tell us about Laura.

Laura Todd is an administrative assistant who has been going to night school to obtain a graduate degree in marketing. Unfortunately, marketing jobs are hard to come by, and she hasn’t been able to find a job in her field. Her boss has promised to promote her to a consulting position, but he dangles it just out of reach.

How does she meet Fox?

She gets the opportunity to travel to Las Vegas to a conference and she meets him in the casino.

Tell us about Laura’s sister’s talent and where it leads.

Laura’s sister Lindsey is a mathematical genius and she has certain methods that she uses to win at blackjack. Laura is trying out Lindsey’s techniques when she meets Fox at the blackjack table.

Which tropical location does the mystery take them all to?

They all travel to Calliope, a private island in the Bahamas. I created the island as a ritzy resort fashioned after a castle. Think Atlantis, but more remote and elite.

Tell us about the second book in the series.

The second book is titled Under His Protection and it focuses on Fox’s brother Lee, who we meet in the first book. Lee has been out of the Marines for a few years, and he wants to start his own security company. In the second book, he has started a company called Security Solutions, and he receives a contract to protect the daughter of a state senator. Elizabeth Crowne has received multiple death threats, as she is preparing to declare her candidacy for attorney general for the state of Georgia.

Where can readers find out more about you?


I blog at

Buy links: New lower kindle price on Amazon until December 1st – go check the links.

No Strings Attached- Amazon

No Strings Attached – Amazon UK

No Strings Attached – B&N

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No Strings Attached – iTunes

I reviewed this book here on the blog, follow the link to the review


Rosie’s Book review Team #RBRT Karen reviews UnBlessed by Crystin Goodwin

Today’s book review comes from Karen, she blogs at


Karen chose to read and review Unblessed by Crystin Goodwin


My Opinion

The book introduces you to Kisara, eagerly anticipating her blessing ceremony. Together with her friend and neighbour Lucien she waits for her turn. Lucien receives the greatest blessing, and Kisara is thrilled. She is called – and is not blessed by any of the elements. This has happened before; the blessing ceremony can be repeated until the age of 19. She is not blessed; stays close to her friend Lucien and his cohabitants. Rumours start as highly blessed Lucien maintains the friendship. I will not tell you more about the story than shown in the Goodreads plot description. This would spoil the fun of reading this book yourself.

With UnBlessed, Crystin Goodwin has created an intriguing story of a teenager in Myrillia, desperately trying to find out what is wrong with her. UnBlessed focuses on Kisara and her feelings and actions. The author grants Kisara her own pace – a very nice touch. The other relevant characters are described in sufficient depth, are convincing. The story drew me in more and more. UnBlessed is a great read for fans of young adult and fantasy novels.

This book is an enjoyable read, and the first in a series. I’ll certainly read it again

Find a copy here from or

Mystery Book Tour Day 24 #MysteryNovember Blond Cargo by John Lansing

November Mystery Tour

Welcome to Day 24 of the Mystery Book Tour, today our guest is John Lansing and his book Blond Cargo

Blond Cargo

Where is your home town?

I grew up in Baldwin, Long Island. It’s about 45 minutes outside of New York City. It was a pure, middle class, suburban existence. I moved to Los Angeles in the late 70’s and now reside in Marina del Rey.

How Long have you been writing?

I spent fifteen years writing for network television. I’ve been writing novels for the past four years.

What is your favourite sub-genre of mystery?

Crime/Thrillers I think says it best.

Where is your book set?

I set my Jack Bertolino series in Marina del Rey. I find it helps me to write what I know. What I can touch and feel. Streets I walk down, roads I drive on and restaurants I eat in. I think the reader appreciates getting an honest feel for the geography where the action takes place.

Can you introduce us to Jack Bertolino?

Jack Bertolino is a retired NYPD Inspector. Exemplary record. He spent 25-years as an undercover narcotics detective who worked his way up the political ladder. He ran a group of narco rangers who were responsible for putting multi-ton quantities of cocaine on the table, millions of dollars of laundered cash, and shutting down major cartel kingpins. If it wasn’t for a violent fall off a steel girder doing cleanup at ground zero post 9/11 he’d still be carrying a badge.

After three unsuccessful operations and months of painful rehab, he promised never to go under the knife again. Jack found himself standing at the crossroads. Shooting pains ran down his six-foot-three frame on a daily basis. He was damaged goods, recovering from a contentious divorce, and self-medicating his chronic back pain with a daily Vicodin, Excedrin cocktail. He decided to leave his hometown of Staten Island, and move west to find some peace.

What’s that old saw? Men make plans and God laughs. Well, twenty-five years of taking down drug dealers, money launderers and killers came back to haunt him, and shook up his newfound state of calm in Marina del Rey, California.

Tell us about Vincent Cardona

I think I’ll let Vincent Cardona explain himself. “I shoulda never moved out here. L.A. I’m a black-socks-on-the-beach kinda guy. East Coast all the way. Never fit it. But I’m a good earner and the powers that be decided they were happy with the arrangement. Everyone was happy except Angelica and me.”

Cardona is a mob boss who runs a successful high-end steakhouse in Beverly Hills. He’s a deadly man whose only soft spot is his beautiful daughter who has gone missing.

Why must Jack take a kidnapping case for Vincent?

In The Devil’s Necktie, my first novel, Jack’s son, Chris, was the victim of a brutal murder attempt. Vincent Cardona, a mob boss, and shadowy figure I introduced in that book provided information that ultimately led Jack to the killer. He also posted one of his men outside the hospital where his son was drifting between life and death. That unsolicited deed may have saved his son’s life. Jack knew there’d be payback involved, there always was with the mafia. And when Cardona’s daughter goes missing, the mobster turns in his chit.

Jack crosses the thin blue line and takes on the case to pay his debt. It’s a matter of honour.

Does Jack work alone or as part of a team to find the Mafia Princess?

Jack has assembled a team to work with him on this case. Mateo Vasquez, thirty-nine years old, tall, handsome, with striking gray eyes, long brown hair, and a thousand dollar suit. He was an ex Colombian drug cartel operative that became a prolific Confidential Informant. When Jack busted the cartel, he made Mateo an offer – spend thirty years in the big house, or come to work for the NYPD. Mateo made the right choice and Jack earned himself a loyal operative when he became a private investigator.

Cruz Feinberg. His mother was Guatemalan, his father a Brooklyn Jew who founded Bundy Lock and Key and taught his son everything that he knew. That’s where Jack first met the technical wiz. Cruz, who took after his mother’s side of the family, looked taller than his five-foot-nine frame. Dark-skinned, intelligent brown eyes, a youthful angular face, and at twenty-three, he could still pull off the spiky short black hair.

Tell us what you are working on at the moment.

I’m knee deep into the third book in the Jack Bertolino series. And in November, Chris Sulavik at Tatra Press is publishing my short story, The Test. It’s a coming of age tale, set on Long Island in 1963 that deals with race, violence, social politics, and young love.

Where can readers find out more about you and your books?


John Lansing

I think the best place to get a feel about what I’ve been up to is my website.

If you have the time to visit, leave me a message, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Find a copy of Blond Cargo here from or


Baby Girl Book 2 – Moonlighting In Paris by Elle Klass

Baby Girl Book 2 Moonlighting in Paris (Baby Girl, #2)Baby Girl Book 2 Moonlighting in Paris by Elle Klass

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Baby Girl Book 2 – Moonlighting in Paris is the second book in this short book series. Just 37 pages long it follows the next chapter in the life of a young run-away. I do think you need to read book one first then you will understand why Chloe has changed her identity to be Justine and why anyone would want to take a flight from New York to Paris via Moscow.

To read this as a stand alone book we aren’t told much about Justine. In the first book she began as a twelve year old and the book could be read by the YA audience. Justine has now grown older but I’m unsure of her age and the writing in this book is for a much older audience. Both books are ok for adults but they may miss on other potential audiences.

For me Justine’s leap from life on the run with Einstein to life with Didier was too easy a step with luxury and opportunities which were the opposite of her life in book one. With the story being short we are fed tit-bits about the search for her past and we are introduced to a possible stalker, who may or may not be a threat to Justine’s life.

Her story will continue in book three.

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Mystery Book Tour Day 23 #MysteryNovember Buffalo Soldiers by Nicholas Denmon

November Mystery Tour

Please welcome today’s author to the Mystery November Book Tour. Nicholas Denmon talks about his book Buffalo Soldiers.

Buffalo Soldiers

Where is your home town?

My hometown is Buffalo, NY. My family is from there and I was born there, but my adopted hometown is Saint Petersburg, FL.


How long have you been writing?

I have been writing stories since second grade. Kids would pay me a quarter to include them as a character or to write a story they wanted to hear, complete with drawings. I used to get those little ice cream cups at lunch with the money. Interesting fact, my novels are for sale as ebooks for $.99 so I am now making about a 400% mark up. I’m not sure what the inflation rate is, but I like to think I’ve made progress.

What is your favourite sub-genre of mystery?

I really enjoy the private detective types. Dennis Lehane is one of my favourite authors (Mystic River) and he also lives in Saint Petersburg. His Patrick Kenzie novels are excellent (Gone, Baby, Gone)


Where is Buffalo Soldiers set?

Buffalo Soldiers is set in Buffalo, NY. The reason it is called Buffalo Soldiers is because it deals with the mafia soldiers in that city. It is a different twist on the familiar term we associate with Buffalo Soldiers, which of course refers to the military regiment consisting of entirely African-American soldiers.


Tell us about Rafael Rontego

Rafael Rontego is a mafia assassin. He is a character that starts off as self-serving and closed off as anyone you might imagine. He has to be this way because of his profession. In the first book in the series, For Nothing, he starts off as a cold-blooded killer. By the time you make your way to Buffalo Soldiers, you get a different take on Rafael Rontego as you get a tiny glimpse at his buried humanity.

What qualities does Alex Vaughn bring to Sydney Price’s investigation?

In Buffalo Soldiers, Alex Vaughn is a retired cop.   He used to be undercover and spent serious time within the Ciancetta organization. FBI Agent Sydney Price has been tasked with dismantling the Ciancetta crime family and hopes that she can use his considerable knowledge to tighten the noose.

Why was Ivan Nivsky in prison?

You learn why he was in prison throughout the course of the novel, but suffice it to say he is a member of organized crime and eventually you have to pay the price for living that lifestyle.

How is Ivan linked to the Ciancetta family? Is this still the same after he came out of prison?

Ivan is linked to the Ciancetta family. In fact he is in good standing upon exiting prison because he kept his mouth shut and received a longer sentence because of his loyalty. In a world rife with rats and self-interested sell outs, a man like Ivan is a rare commodity.

Tell us what you are working on at the moment.

I am currently working on two novels. One is the wrap up, third novel, in the An Upstate New York Mafia Tale. That one is titled, Ashes to Ashes. At the same time I am changing course and writing a novel called The Hundred Heartbreaks of Harlan Halifax.

Where can readers find out more about you?


Readers can find me everywhere. I am on twitter @nicholasdenmon, as well as My website:  Amazon US: and Noble: Soldiers   


Barnes and Noble:

Amazon UK:

Amazon US:


Amazon UK:

For Nothing

My novels are available in paperback at most major book stores and are available online as well as ebooks.

Instagram: @Ndenmon


Good Deeds Challenge, Year 2, Week 31

Welcome to my second Year of Good Deeds, a challenge I set myself during April 2013. I decided to do at least one Good Deed a day for a whole year, now I am into my second year.

New Good DeedsThis week I’ve been doing the following;

November 16th – Day 16 of the Mystery November book tour and it was the turn of Tracy Lawson from Dallas, Texas and her book Counteract.

This afternoon we are hosting a birthday tea for the in-laws.

November 17th – My morning helping at school. The Sand Bluff Murders by C.M. Albrecht is today’s book on the Mystery Tour

November 18th – Day 18 of the Mystery Book Tour and it the turn of Gregg Bell and his book Jamie’s Gamble

Busy day today, My Mother’s birthday and my parents Golden Wedding Anniversary, my brother is travelling from his farm in Cornwall and we are taking them out to dinner this evening.

November 19th- Up early today and cleared out the lounge ready for delivery of a new sofa and chair, all ready for the 7am to 6pm delivery slot! Caught up on loads of paperwork and twiddled my thumps until 3.45pm, spent the evening trying out all the new seating positions, well you have to don’t you when it’s new!

Today’s book on the tour was Center Point by Robert Clark.

November 20th – Promised to help chase a payment for a friend when I next go to work. The book today on the mystery tour is Prime Deception by Carys Jones.

November 21st – Finished reading The Gift Horse by Leslie Stilton and wrote out my review. Today’s mystery book was Steps into Darkness by Ben Woodard.

November 22nd – Read and reviewed Home For Christmas by Jan Ruth The mystery book today was The Haunting of Secrets by Shelley Pickens.

Mystery Book Tour Day 22 #MysteryNovember The Haunting Of Secrets by Shelley Pickens

November Mystery Tour

Today on our Mystery Book Tour we have Shelley Pickens and her book The Haunting Of Secrets


Where is your home town?    


I had the distinct misfortune of living in one of the most humid places on earth – Columbia, SC! But as the capital of South Carolina, it is also a beautiful, safe place to grow up and build wonderful childhood memories. Though, to this day, I still won’t eat our beloved state crop – Okra! YUCK!

How long have you been writing?  


I can’t honestly remember a time when I was young that I haven’t thought about writing some poem or short story after my mind has revealed its latest creative idea. Yet, after a teacher in my master’s program demolished my writing style, I couldn’t write for a good decade. It wasn’t until I saw a television special highlighting the Journey of one of my favourite authors – J.K. Rowling – that I became inspired enough to pick up my pen once again and begin writing novels. With my best friend’s encouragement, I jumped blindly and not so bravely into the world of publishing this past July.

What is your favourite sub-genre of mystery?  

Must I just pick one? ;) I love reading romance, anything YA or Paranormal and almost anything Dystopian. Though I do love a great mystery, I can’t quite get into horror books. The only exception to that is Dean Koontz’s Odd Thomas series. I’m totally in love with goofy Odd!

Where is The Haunting of Secrets set?   

The Haunting of Secrets takes place at a high school in rural Georgia. The setting is based off of the actual high school at which I currently work as a Spanish teacher. ¡Arrrriba!

Can you introduce us to Aimee?    

Aimee is a strong willed survivor who chooses to live her life alone and away from others. She is the epitome of a Goth girl with long blonde hair dyed black, a nose ring and covered head to toe in black clothes to deter people from interacting with her. She loathes all human contact because she’s cursed. Her curse is that if she touches you, she absorbs all of your memories, all of your secrets. She has great inner strength and truly does desire friendship yet lives a lonely life for an obvious reason: she doesn’t want to absorb any more horrible memories. But after reliving the gruesome memories of a killer, Aimee now decides she must reach out for help to catch the murderer hiding amongst them.

Who or what is responsible for the school bombing? 

Sorry, no spoilers!! Who or what set off the bomb in the cafeteria that fateful day isn’t revealed until the very end of the book. I guess you’ll just have to read it to find out! J

What does Aimee see on that fateful day? 

Sadly, it isn’t what Aimee sees that day, but what she DOESN’T see. On that fateful day of the bombing, as Aimee and a few others are running for their lives to get out of range of the falling rubble, a fellow student grabs on to her bare arm for support. She instantly absorbs every memory that person ever had, including memories of him torturing and killing young girls. Aimee blacks out from the sheer horror of the images and awakens with no idea who had touched her. Now it’s up to her to figure out if this secret is worth the sacrifices that she will have to make to bring a killer to justice.

How does Aimee protect herself from the one who hunts her? 

As you read through the novel, you see that the killer is very aware that Aimee possesses his darkest secret. For all that Aimee is strong willed and a survivor, she soon realizes that she’s no match for a seasoned killer. Having lived her life cloaked in darkness, she has never quite learned how to interact well with those that live freely basking within the light. To protect herself and the ones that she loves, she must gather all of her strength to ask others to aid her in searching for a killer among them.

Tell us what you are working on at the moment.

Since the sequel is completed and contracted to be released April 2015, I am taking a break from the Secrets trilogy and am currently working on a short story novella on a romantic proposal to be included in an anthology to be released next June via Satin Romance – an imprint of Melange Books. When they first approached me about writing a romantic story as part an anthology my first question was, “So, I guess that means I can’t kill anybody, huh?”

Where can readers find out more about you? 

Shelley Pickens

If you are interested in my story “The Haunting of Secrets” (and I hope you are!) please visit any or all of the sites below. The coolest is my book trailer done by the video class at my high school with actors from drama! Too cool!

When I’m not writing or teaching, you can find me surfing Facebook or twitter for all the latest news, tidbits and gossip! I share all my new adventures in life and in writing on both Facebook and Twitter. I am sorry to say that I am very new at blogging but post as much as I can when I’m not running around taking my hot mess kids to either baseball or soccer.



Website: Shelley will be running a quick answer question from her website or her Facebook to win a copy of her book in e-format (Mobi – Worldwide)  or paperback (US only)








Book Trailer:



Amazon US:

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Publisher Site:

Rosie’s Book Review Team #RBRT Cathy reviews Business As Usual by E.L. Lindley

Today’s book review comes from Cathy she blogs at


Cathy chose to read and review Business As Usual by E.L.Lindley

Business As Usual - E.L. Lindley

Business As Usual – E.L. Lindley

 As we meet former teacher, now a Los Angeles based documentary film maker, Georgie Connolly, she is about to start a stint of community service. Due to an embarrassing mix up she was convicted of driving under the influence. Her penance is to teach media studies to decidedly uncooperative students one day a week. Georgie is a volatile character, with an explosive temper, and sometimes (a lot of the time actually) acts before thinking things through properly, landing her, and sometimes the people around her, in precarious situations. But underlying her irritability and tendency to jump in with both feet, she has a good and caring heart and is quite sensitive.

James Finn, an ex Marine, is hired, albeit reluctantly on James’ part, by his friend, Eric, who is also Georgie’s boss and her best friend’s husband, to protect Georgie from a white supremacist, out for revenge and sending death threats. Georgie exposed the group in a previous documentary and as Georgie bounces from disaster to disaster James is in turn infuriated with her and trying to deny the spark of attraction growing between them.

When one of Georgie’s students goes missing, Georgie’s attention is drawn to Maxim Petrov, a questionable Russian and suspected abductor, with ties to ‘gentlemen’s clubs’ and the seedier side of life. Not one to let an opportunity pass her by, Georgie decides to investigate Petrov by making him her next documentary subject, not realising just how dangerous and corrupt he is until it’s too late.

I like the twist of Georgie making documentaries instead of being connected to law enforcement. The cast of characters surrounding Georgie are all interesting, real and easy to identify with. The relationship between Georgie and James had me wanting to knock some sense into them both at times though.

This is a fun and entertaining read, even though there are darker aspects and menacing connotations involving corruption, prostitution and trafficking, both in drugs and girls. This adds to the drama, and the action and suspense is kept on the boil throughout. The story flows, and is paced well. I look forward to following more of Georgie’s adventures.

Find a copy here from or